Bangladesh LGB Survey (2014)

Roopbaan together with Boys of Bangladesh (BoB) as a voluntary contribution, conducted a survey to scale the current needs of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) population of Bangladesh, devise a strategy plan to move forward in materializing those needs, identify the challenges faced by them and put forward some possible suggestions to overcome those challenges.

The survey conducted is the first of its kind where 571 self-identified LGB individuals from across the country participated. The survey aimed to obtain robust and comparable data that would allow a better understanding of the LGB community in Bangladesh. Another objective of the survey was to successfully gauge the opinions and expectations of these LGB individuals as members of the community before the community could embark on any large-scale public awareness campaign for LGB rights in Bangladesh.

The survey data was collected through an anonymous questionnaire which was filled by the participants both online and manually. It collected views, perceptions, opinions, and experiences of individuals aged 18 years or over who identified as being lesbian, gay, or bisexual. The topics covered were related to various issues with an emphasis on sexual identity, cultural and religious factors, legal awareness and accessibility, experienced discrimination, and community belongingness and vision.

The key findings of this survey indicate a generally positive attitude of the LGB community members in Bangladesh with regards to mobilizing the community to work towards a social and legal change by creating awareness about diverse sexualities and issues related to it. The findings also indicate an urgent need for psychosocial and legal support for many LGB individuals who are at high risk of abuse and harassment.LGB Need Assessment Survey