Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us at info@roopbaan.org.

Question: Is Roopbaan a magazine or organization?

Answer: Roopbaan started its journey as the first Bangladeshi printed LGBT magazine with the slogan ‘freedom to love’. In the beginning of 2013, a group of gay friends came together with the idea of a lifestyle magazine for the Bangladeshi LGBT community. The first issue of the magazine was launched on 18 January 2014. As the publication started to engage more and more people, it eventually turned into a community-based platform in 2015.

Now Roopbaan is a non-profit, non-political, and volunteer-based platform for Bangladeshi LGBT individuals and their allies. It works to raise awareness about Bangladeshis who represent sexual and gender diversity and advocates for their human right to love.

Question: What does Roopbaan mean?

Answer: The name ‘Roopbaan’ is derived from a popular Bengali folk-tale character who went to extraordinary lengths for love. Roopbaan also means a beautiful and fabulous person in Bangla.

Question: Is Roopbaan a registered organization?

Answer: No, Roopbaan is not registered.

Question: Does Roopbaan still function?

Answer: A group of extremist militants killed the president and the general secretary of Roopbaan on April 25, 2016. This tragic incident significantly damaged the group’s operations and hindered activities. However, Roopbaan is slowly recovering and trying to restore activities.

Question: How does the platform function?

Answer: Though Roopbaan is not registered as an organization and is technically a community platform, it follows a democratic organizational model. It is designed to be run by an executive committee elected by Roopbaan members and functions within the dynamics of an organic organizational structure. Like any registered organization, Roopbaan has a well-defined set of vision, mission, and objectives.

Question: Was Xulhaz Mannan the editor of Roopbaan magazine?

Answer: No. Xulhaz Mannan was the publisher of Roopbaan Magazine. When Roopbaan was remodeled as a community platform in 2015, Xulhaz Mannan was elected as the president for the next two years.   

Question: What was K. Mahbub Rabbi Tonoy’s role in Roopbaan?

Answer: K. Mahbub Rabbi Tonoy joined Roopbaan after it transformed into a community platform in early 2015. He was then elected as the first general secretary of Roopbaan in January 2015.  

Question: Has Roopbaan ceased the publication of the magazine?

Answer: We have temporarily ceased publishing the magazine. Currently, we don’t have enough volunteers and resources to publish a printed magazine that will match the standard of previous issues.  Roopbaan hopes to resume publishing the magazine in near future.    

Question: How can I contribute?

Answer: Roopbaan is a volunteer-based community platform. You can sign up as a volunteer to help organizing community events, present Roopbaan at different national and international forums, write as a contributor, or simply manage our social pages. Roopbaan is open to finding creative ways of involvement.

Question: Is Roopbaan promoting ‘homosexuality’ in Bangladesh?

Answer: No. Roopbaan believes ‘love can conquer all’ and every individual has the equal right to love–irrespective of their gender, class, ethnicity, religion, sex characteristics or sexual orientation. Roopbaan only advocates for ‘freedom to love’ and believes sexual orientations and gender identities are basic human rights.

Question: How can I become a member/volunteer of Roopbaan?

Answer: Please sign up here to volunteer with Roopbaan.

Question: Is it safe to volunteer for Roopbaan?

Answer: Roopbaan is aware of the current security challenges for the LGBT community in Bangladesh. The safety and security of volunteers of Roopbaan are our highest priority. Roopbaan is committed to protecting the privacy and identity of volunteers with the highest confidentiality. Additionally, volunteers will be provided with multiple workshop opportunities to ensure volunteers are aware of security issues and can protect themselves.    

Question: Who funds Roopbaan?

Answer: Roopbaan is not funded by any national or international donor. It’s a volunteer-driven, self-funded platform.   

Question: How can I donate for Roopbaan?

Answer: Currently we don’t have structures in place to receive donations. If you still want to support, please contact us at info@roopbaan.org.